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Comedic Reel - 1 minute

Clips from: The Oblique Sector, Onward and Upward, Here We Go Again and Guppy Love

Dramatic Reel - 1 minute

Clips from: Life Without Green, The Sneakers and Interfaces

Rubberneck scene - 1 minute

Scene from Rubberneck, directed by and starring Alex Karpovsky. This feature premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in April 2012. (Spoiler alert!)

Reel - 3 min 20 sec

Clips from The Oblique Sector, Here We Go Again, Interfaces, Onward and Upward, Life Without Green, Opening Night Jitters, The Sneakers, Guppy Love and One Hit Wonders

Trailer for The Oblique Sector - YouTube version

The Oblique Sector premiered at the Nantucket Film Festival in June 2011. I play the lead and also co-wrote and co-produced this quirky short.